Historic Vote Paves the Way for Cannabis Industry Growth in Nevada County


The Nevada County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to adopt the cannabis cultivation ordinance as an urgency ordinance. The move effectively allows cannabis farmers who undergo the permitting process to put plants in the ground for the upcoming growing season.

Known for its rich-mineral soils and an environment free of mold and pathogen producing coastal sprays, Nevada County’s unique network of microclimates has allowed cultivators for decades to produce a variety of strains whose phenotypes have been able to express themselves fully in such ideal weather and soil conditions. But without a cannabis cultivation ordinance, many of the cannabis cultivated in the area never entered the licensed retail market.


That’s until now. The historic vote Tuesday has been three years in the making. After the overwhelming defeat in 2016 of Measure W, an unpopular ballot measure that would have banned cannabis cultivation in the county, local groups and advocates have tirelessly worked to educate the community at large about the economic and cultural benefits of developing a set of rules that would regulate all cannabis activity in the county.

“We can finally breathe a little easier. We are beyond elated with the results of three years of work in order to save the heritage agricultural business that is cannabis cultivation in this county,” said Diana Gamzon, executive director of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance. “This is also the beginning of establishing a fully regulated cannabis industry in the county that accounts for every license type in the supply chain.”

Nevada City, the county seat, led the charge in cannabis-friendly policy in June of 2017 and voted to implement a cannabis business ordinance, allowing cannabis nurseries, manufacturers, processors, distribution companies, lab testing facilities and one retailer to operate in green zones throughout the city.

Lab Properties is fortunate to be part of this dedicated community of cultivators and operators establishing a licensed industry in the area. With approximately 27,000 square feet of space, The Searls Cannabis Campus will fill a small, but important part of the supply chain by providing real estate that is ready for compliant businesses -- providing a pathway for the product grown by local cultivators to reach the retail market.

“It all began here in Nevada City,” Gamzon said at a recent gathering to celebrate the new ordinance. “It has allowed us to show the county’s elected official what is possible.”

Gamzon added that businesses such as the Elevation 2477’ dispensary, an anchor tenant of Lab Properties’ campus, have raised the bar and set the example for the level of sophistication and professionalism that is possible in this new era of regulated cannabis.

For more information about Lab Properties available units at the Searls Cannabis Campus, contact Trent Hullen at or (858) 384-4830.