Secrets to Success from Cannabis Entrepreneur Daniel Batchelor of Elevation 2477’


For Daniel Batchelor, owner and CEO of Elevation 2477’, being a pioneer is as much about breaking new ground as it is about paving the way for other businesses in Nevada City.

Elevation 2477’ is the first and only dispensary in Nevada County. Located at 569 Searls Avenue, in the heart of Nevada City’s 7 Hill Business District, Elevation 2477’ became the Searls Cannabis Campus’ first tenant. The sophisticated and elegant dispensary anchors the development of what is expected to be a dynamic and symbiotic campus -- an ecosystem of cannabis businesses operating in an area rich with heritage cannabis cultivation history.

Q: How does it feel to be the first cannabis business permitted in Nevada City, and actually in all of Nevada County?

DB: Being the first is not easy. There was a lot of scrutiny and we learned some lessons along the way. Our buildout took longer than expected and state regulations kept changing while we were trying to establish our business. We opened our doors last summer when new testing requirements were being implemented, which meant there was a shortage of compliant product in the market. But we knew we had a responsibility to set the standard for other cannabis businesses coming after us. In fact, Elevation 2477’ has become the place that all kinds of city and county officials have visited in order to learn about how cannabis businesses operate.


Q: What do you think helped you get the only dispensary permit in Nevada City?

DB: Well, we had a proposal that highlighted our team as the most qualified. But when Nevada City officials began talking about the possibility of allowing a dispensary, I immediately got involved. I went to every city council meeting and took part in community workshops and discussions about where in the city dispensaries should go, how many, etc. It was probably the most important step I could have taken to getting us a permit. In addition, our location was the most ideal one. When we conceived the whole campus idea, we knew we would be more than 1000 feet from any sensitive use and that we could redevelop a property that would bring quality jobs and tax revenue to the city.

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Q: What advice do you give to other cannabis businesses looking to apply for a permit in Nevada City?

DB: My advice to other cannabis businesses is to know the local and state regulations. Then you can begin building your application to the city, your application to the state, and your business model and operations around it. Plan ahead, have patience and get involved with the community. And make sure you align yourself with a partner like Lab Properties that already has the power upgraded, ADA code compliance and it’s ready for your tenant improvements in order to avoid delays.

Q: As Lab Properties develops the campus around you, what is your own vision for the campus?

DB: I’m looking forward to being able to carry many of the local products that will be produced right here, next to us. Many California dispensaries are vertically integrated and carry many of their own products. This is different. This is an ecosystem of businesses supporting each other in a community known for its heritage growers. It’s a great story.

For more information about Lab Properties available units at the Searls Cannabis Campus, contact Trent Hullen at trent@labproperties.com or (858) 384-4830.