Heirloom Genetics

Lab Properties Welcomes Cmark Nursey into Family of Tenants at the Searls Cannabis Campus.

Lab Properties is once again delighted to welcome another cannabis business to our family of tenants.

Cmark Nursery, will soon be operating out of the Searls Cannabis Campus in Nevada City. Cmark Nursery specializes in heirloom and traditional genetics.



“We will have available old school genetics that have been lost and a lot of people don’t have anymore,” said Mark Keeling, Cmark’s CEO. “We are excited about being able to bring almost a decade worth of work to the regulated market.”


Lab Properties’ multi-tenant campus in the heart of Nevada City is on track to put Nevada County heritage cannabis businesses on the map while becoming an important change agent for the community at large. The vision for a vibrant, multi-tenant ecosystem that will transform the 4-acre parcel into a state-of-the-art facility is already empowering the local cannabis industry to transition into the regulated marketplace.


The Searls Campus is already home to several innovative cannabis companies in a cutting-edge setting tailored to the industry’s unique needs, including Elevation 2477’, a sophisticated retailer; Emerald Grown, a federation of cannabis cooperative associations; and Highest Health Collective, a manufacturer of craft cannabis goods.


“We are on the path to bringing this vision together,” said Daniel Shkolnik, Lab Properties Co-Founder. “We are happy to welcome Cmark Nursery to the campus, where we are sure they will thrive along with the other cannabis businesses that make up the Lab Properties family.”